George McNeill Memorial

This interpretive sign, located on the side of the School Street police station, highlights the life of George McNeill. The original memorial plaque is across the street in the center of the rotary. 

Amesbury’s own George Edwin McNeill was a champion of labor rights and is credited with being the ‘father of the 8-hour workday’. As a 14 year old McNeill helped to lead a group of youth workers during a strike in 1852. It was this experience that shaped his view on workplace equality and fairness and ultimately led to the passage of legislation across the country that implemented the eight-hour work day. 

The AIA honored his contributions to the labor movement by erecting a commemorative plaque in the middle of the School Street rotary and a new interpretive sign outside of the Police Station.

For a detailed biography please go to Mass Moments page on George McNeill.

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