Constitution & Bylaws

(Revised November, 2006)


This organization shall be known as The Amesbury improvement Association, Inc.


1st. To awaken in the community and to stimulate in each individual a lively regard for the improvement in all ways of Amesbury.

2nd. To cooperate with and assist the proper town officials in all phases of municipal betterment.

3rd. To add to the attractiveness of the town as a place of residence and business.

4th. To promote among householders a desire to improve and beautfy their homes and surroundings.

5th. To protect and preserve the natural scenery, the historical buildings and sites and the memories of the lower valley of the Merrimac and to transmit them, in-so-far as possible, unimpaired, to our descendents.


Anyone sincerely interested in the welfare of the Town of Amesbury is welcome to join this organization and will be considered a member in good standing upon payment of the annual dues.


The annual fee for membership in the Amesbury Improvement Association, Inc. shall be ten dollars ($10.00), payable at the beginning of the fiscal year, which shall run May to May.

Members delinquent in dues payment for one year will be dropped from membership.

Members shall not be liable to any assessments beyond their annual dues, but voluntary donations for promoting the work of the Association will be welcomed.


The Officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-president, a Secretary, a Treasurer and six Trustees.

Such officers shall constitute an Executive Committee which will be the governing body of the Association.

Standing Committees shall be a Finance Committee to consist of the President and two other members in good standing; a Membership Committee to consist of three members in good standing; a Publicity Committee to consist of the Secretary and one other member in good standing; and a Nominating Committee to consist of three members in good standing, not officers.


The President shall call, arrange the agenda, and conduct all meetings and shall appoint all committees.

The Vice-president shall carry out the duties of the President in case of his absence and at his request shall act as the lieutenant of the President in all matters pertaining to the Association.

The Secretary shall keep all records of meetings and conduct all correspondence of both the Association and the Executive Committee. He/she shall work with the Publicity Committee member to see that all meetings are publicized in the local press.

The Treasurer shall receive all monies and dispense them as approved by the Finance Committee. He/she shall keep a journal of all income and dispursements and make an audited report of the same at the Annual Meeting. Subject to the supervision of the Trustees, the Treasurer shall care for all trust funds and bequests belonging to the Association.

The Trustees shall receive and oversee all bequests, trust funds and real estate belonging to the Association.

The Executive Committee shall initiate and direct all activities. They shall meet at least semi-annually and at any other time at the call of the President.

The Finance Committee shall approve all expenses prior to payment by the treasurer and no member shall contract any debt without their approval.

The Membership Committee is expected to solicit new members and explain to them the aims of the Association.

The Publicity Committee will publicize all meetings and activities of the Association and keep a scrap book of news clippings on same.

The Nominating Committee shall submit a slate of nominees for office chosen at each Annual Meeting. Such nominees shall be listed only after their permission.


Officers shall be elected by majority vote of members in good standing present at the Annual Meeting of the Association. Terms of office shall be for one year, excepting Trustees, two of whom shall be elected each year for three year terms.

Vacancies occurring among officers shall be filled by appointment by the other members of the Executive Committee for the balance of the terms.

Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President soon after the Annual Meeting. Any other committees shall be appointed by the President as needed for Association activities.


The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held in May and shall, as in-so-far as possible, be a supper meeting. Written notice of this meeting shall be sent to all members in good standing together with the Secretary’s Annual Report.

Regular meetings may be called at any time by the President when need arises and shall be announced by printed notice in the local press.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice a year and at any other time at the call of the President. Such meetings shall be announced by telephone.

Six members in good standing, plus the President, shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of either the Association or the Executive Committee.


Amendments and/or changes in this constitution may be made by a two-thirds vote of the membership in good standing present at any Annual Meeting, provided notice of such meeting has been given by the local press.

Bylaws may be added to this Constitution at anytime upon approval by the Executive Committee.

Revised May 1, 1986

Hawley Patten
William W. Peabody
Margaret Rice

Revised November, 2006

Ron Gagnon, President
Matt Sherrill, Vice-president
Anne Ferguson, Secretary
Karen Baptiste, Treasurer
James Kelley, Editor