Carriage Hill

The plaque on the outside brick wall at LeBaron Bonney Company near 6 Chestnut Street commemorates Amesbury’s Carriage Industry. It reads: 

“In appreciation of the carriage makers who, for nearly 100 years, (1836–1927), made Amesbury known as ‘The Carriage Center of the World.’ This plaque is set by the Amesbury Improvement Association on the 325th Anniversary of the Town’s Incorporation.

Despite many difficulties—floods, blizzards, lack of money, and especially the great carriage hill fire of 1888, which wiped out 19 of the carriage factories—they carried on, marking that era as the high point of the town’s history industrially, monetarily, culturally, and socially. We of 1993 honor their ability, energy, determination, and civic promotion of Amesbury’s period of glory.” 

A total of 55 carriage companies are listed.

A wonderful narrative of the Carriage Hill Fire of 1888 can be found here.