Captain’s Well

captains well
The Captain’s Well, located near 230 Main Steet (next to Amesbury Middle School) in Amesbury.

The Captain’s Well is located next to the Middle School on Main Street. This land was given to the AIA by Mrs. Jacob Huntington in 1890. In 1792, Valentine Bagley, and Amesbury seaman, was shipwrecked off Arabia and nearly dies of thirst. He vowed that if he made it back home, he would dig a well for the passerby so that no one would suffer from thirst as he had. He dug the well in 1796. Mr. and Mrs. James N. Walker donated and dedicated the memorial in 1929. It was created by sculptor Leonard Craske, creator of the doughboy statue in Amesbury and the fisherman statue in Gloucester. The well was immortalized in the poem by John Greenleaf Whittier in 1890.

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